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Apply For Private Tuition

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Private Tuition Application
  • Please note that we do not usually accept private students below the age of 15 unless accompanied by a sibling or parent.
  • Private Tuition is only currently available at our HQ training rooms.
  • Please choose your main area of study. We don't mind which art(s) you learn during private lessons, and you can change at any time. This just enables us to pair you with an instructor who has the necessary skills & experience.
  • If you have a preference for a particular instructor, or experience level, please choose from the above list. The rates each instructor rank charges can be found on our Prices page.
  • Please use the above text area to specify a preferred day/time for your lessons. We'll accommodate if we can, and contact you to discuss options if we can't fulfil your first choice.
  • We'll use your email address to confirm your requirements, and send you full details of your first lesson.
  • We'll only use your phone number if there's a problem with your email, or if things change and we need to contact you urgently.
  • We don't mind how much or how little you know about martial arts. This just helps us to gauge the average experience of our applicants.
  • Finally, this helps us to see where interest in the UKKFF is coming from, so we can target any advertising more effectively and keep tuition fees low.

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End-Of-Term Seminar

End-Of-Term Seminar & Assessments, March 2014

On Sunday 30th March, all members of the UKKFF are warmly invited to attend the usual End-Of-Term Seminar to round-off the 2014 Winter Term.

As previously, the event will take place at the UKKFF Epsom & Ewell branch. We love the flexibility of the venue, we have the option of training outdoors on concrete OR grass if the weather permits, and there is good onsite parking onsite.

Bring membership books, uniform as for classes (plus maybe a spare t-shirt), weapons, lunch & a drink, and as always an open mind. The schedule will be:

  • 10.00: Arrival & Admin
  • 10.15: Kung-Fu session for all members (2.5 hours)
  • 12.45: Lunch (30 mins)
  • 13.15: Escrima session for all members (2.5 hours)
  • 15.45: End.
  • 16.00: Special session for UKKFF Instructors.

The morning training session will start promptly at 10.15 led by Sifu Lee Paul Heron, focusing upon the Federation Wing Tsun System. There will be interesting, useful and fun material for everyone, and the option to take an assessment in Kung-Fu during the session will also be available. If the time is right for you to take a grade, please do so.

At 12.45 there will be a 30 minute lunch break. We suggest you bring food with you, however we will have water, energy drinks and healthy snacks available to purchase.

The afternoon training session will start promptly at 13.15 led by Grandmaster Steve Tappin, focusing upon the Escrima Concepts System. If you’ve not trained Escrima yet you can give it a try here, and of course those who already study the art will get plenty of details and new information to get stuck into. The option to take an assessment in Escrima during the session will also be available, so take advantage of the opportunity if you’re ready to be graded.

The seminar will end at 15.45, then from 16.00 there will be a short additional training session for all UKKFF Instructors.

The price of this event remains £35 per-person (as per our standard event pricing) which is amazing value for FIVE hours of tuition with the heads and instructor teams of two integrated martial arts systems. We can’t wait to see lots of our members along for a wonderful day of fun and good training, plus hopefully see many of you pass tests and move up the ranks too.

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