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Private Tuition Application
  • We do not usually accept private students below the age of 15, however feel free to call us and discuss your options.
  • You can study whatever you wish during private lessons, and can switch at any time. We will pair you with an instructor who has the required skills & experience.
  • Private Tuition is usually only offered at our HQ training rooms, however sometimes our instructors can travel to teach at your home or another location.
  • If you have a preference for a particular instructor, or experience level, please choose from the above list. The rates each instructor rank charges can be found on our Prices page.
  • Use the above text area to specify preferred days/times for your lessons. We will accommodate if we can, and contact you to discuss options if we can't fulfil your first choice.
  • We'll use your email address to confirm your requirements, and send you full details of your first lesson.
  • We'll only use your phone number if there's a problem with your email, or if things change and we need to contact you urgently.
  • We don't mind how much or how little you know about martial arts. This just helps us to gauge the average experience of our applicants.
  • Finally, this helps us to see where interest in the UKKFF is coming from, so we can target any advertising more effectively and keep tuition fees low.

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Assessment Results, 2014 Summer Term (Kung-Fu)

Here are the assessment results for all Apprentice-Level gradings in the Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu System that took place during the 2014 Summer Term period, from July to September.

There were 30 assessments in Kung-Fu during this period, as follows:

Foundation Stage (1-3SG) Assessment Results

  • Tim Amans, 1SG
  • Sebastian Amadeo-Davies, 1SG
  • Jack James, 1SG
  • James Bassett, 1SG
  • Dominic Ash, 1SG
  • Lethola Khobasi, 1SG
  • Joice Matinado, 1SG
  • Clement Barbe, 2SG
  • Heidi Stevens, 2SG
  • Asta Golias, 2SG
  • Alex Farrell, 2SG
  • Peter Fraser, 3SG
  • Aziz Hussein, 3SG
  • Simon Miley, 3SG

Basic Stage (4-6SG) Assessment Results

  • Enrico Arretini, 4SG
  • Tony Roud, 5SG
  • Luke Driver, 5SG
  • Brendan Carney, 5SG
  • Jason Ebanks, 5SG
  • Bryony Markwick, 6SG
  • Nadjia Drici, 6SG

Intermediate Stage (7-9SG) Assessment Results

  • Jessica Lyons, 7SG
  • David Hill, 7SG
  • Casey Walsh, 7SG
  • Liam Connolly, 7SG
  • Joe Kan, 8SG
  • Dan Bayliss, 8SG
  • Olivia Slee, 9SG

Advanced Stage (10-12SG) Assessment Results

  • Marcus Sanderson, 11SG
  • Andrew Coupar, 11SG

Congratulations to everyone for their continuing efforts, and keep up the good work.

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