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Below are the most common questions we get asked regarding annual membership of the UKKFF.
If the question or answer you seek is not shown below, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

FAQ's About UKKFF Annual Membership

  1. How much does annual membership of the UKKFF cost?
  2. Why do you offer three levels of annual membership?
  3. Do I need to purchase annual membership before attending a free trial?
  4. Is annual membership compulsory?
  5. How does the annual membership fee break down?
  6. How do I renew my annual membership?
  7. How do I add armed membership to my existing unarmed membership, or vice-versa?
  8. If I stop training, can I get a refund of any remaining membership?

1: How much does annual membership of the UKKFF cost?
Between £15 and £25 per-year depending on which level you choose. Please see prices for annual membership for more details.

2: Why do you offer three different levels of membership?
Because a big part of the membership fee is the legally-required insurance premium, it wouldn’t be right to charge members to be insured for training activities that they don’t intend to do. If you’re not training with weapons, it’s not necessary to pay for armed membership – although our prices are so reasonable anyway that most students purchase full membership, which gives them the freedom to train any & all arts we offer.

3: Do I need to purchase annual membership before attending a trial period?
No. During your trial period you will be covered by a temporary insurance policy for accident or injury whilst under our instruction, whether in General Classes or in Private Tuition.

4: Is annual membership compulsory?
Yes. Once any trial period is over, you will need to purchase a valid UKKFF membership if you wish to continue training with us. This holds for all current students and instructors equally. As a professional educational martial arts organisation, we are required by law to hold a comprehensive insurance policy which covers our membership for personal accident, or member-to-member injury whilst training under our instruction. The premium for this policy forms part of your annual membership fee.

5: How does the total membership fee break down?
Your annual membership fee covers the cost of your insurance premium, the cost of printing your membership books, the cost of the administration involved in running the membership database and mailing lists (online & on paper too), and the cost of having someone at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have. Our fees are amazingly cheap because we don’t pad our membership fees with extra ‘joining fees’ or one-off extra charges, as per our non-profit ethos.

6: How do I renew my annual membership?
The HQ will send you a renewal invoice after 12 months. This can be paid within the invoice itself via PayPal, or via our online shop, or in person at our headquarters, or via your instructor in class. They can even supply you with paper renewal documents too if you choose not to renew online.

7: How do I add armed membership to my existing unarmed membership, or vice-versa?
You’ll need to upgrade your membership to ensure you have the correct insurance cover for weapons training. This also applies if you’ve already got weapons cover, but want to begin training Kung-Fu too.

8: If I stop training, can I get a refund of any remaining membership?
No. We have chosen to offer a fixed 12-month term with a low annual fee, instead of a variable term with a far higher monthly fee. It’s worked for over a decade, and we have no plans to change this approach. If you decide to leave please inform us, we will stop your recurring renewals, and then just let your remaining membership expire. If you DO receive a renewal request please contact the HQ and we will cancel it directly.

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Recent Posts

Street Clothing Seminar

It’s the end of the 2014 Training Year, the end of the Autumn Term, and winter is coming! So, what happens to your martial arts tools & techniques when you’re wearing thicker, warmer, bulkier clothing? Can you use your clothing to your advantage? Can your opponent use it to overcome you? Come to the 2014 End-Of-Year Seminar, end the year in style, and find out for yourself!

UKKFF Street Clothing Seminar

Winter means warmer, thicker, bulkier clothing plus hats, gloves & scarves. What changes when you try to perform your Kung-Fu or Escrima techniques? Come end the 2014 training year with us and find out.

Date/Time & Location

Saturday 13th December 2014
10.00 – 16.00 (see schedule below)
UKKFF Epsom & Ewell
Danetree Junior School
Danetree Road
West Ewell
Surrey KT19 9SE

Seminar Schedule

09.45: Arrival & Admin
10.00: Morning Training Session (Street Clothing, Kung-Fu & Assessments)
12.30: Lunch
13.00: Afternoon Training Session (Escrima & Assessments)
15:30: Main Seminar Finish
15.30: Instructors-Only (Short Session)
16.00: Finish
19.00: Xmas Party!

What To Bring

To start the day please bring warm street clothing such as boots, jeans, jumpers, hooded tops and an overcoat. Hats, gloves and scarves will also be useful. Ladies, we don’t recommend heels, but if you’d like to give them a try, please bring them too. NOTE: We don’t expect clothing to be ruined, but we suggest you don’t bring your best stuff!

You should also bring your usual UKKFF uniform along to change into after the scenario. As usual please also bring your official membership books, training gear & weapons as for classes. Also bring a drink and a light lunch. A small selection of healthy snacks & drinks will be available to purchase at the venue, but we suggest you bring something more substantial too.

Seminar Overview

This event has been carefully planned to ensure that all members get the most out of their day. We welcome back Grandmaster Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin from the Escrima Concepts System for the afternoon session, and as usual the UKKFF Head Instructor and developer of the Federation Wing Tsun System, Sifu Lee Paul Heron.

The morning will consist of the Street Clothing Scenario, plus assessments in Kung-Fu. Discover what changes when you move in bulky clothing. Grabbing and manipulating is different, you can’t always free yourself in the usual ways. Your clothing may protect you more, but it can also slow you down and restrict your options. However with a little thought it can also create opportunities too. We’ll teach you to change & adapt to the situation, and you’ll have a lot of fun!

The afternoon session is all about Escrima, plus assessments in EC and any Kung-Fu ones we didn’t manage to get around to in the morning. There will also be a short instructors-only Escrima session after the main seminar, but not too long as we’ve all got to get ready for the 2014 Xmas Bash later in the evening!

The price of this event is £35 per-person (as per our standard event pricing) which is amazing value for an entire day of tuition. Remember, we’ve got the heads of two integrated martial arts systems, the entire UKKFF instructor team, and a specially-planned scenario too. We can’t wait to see lots of people along for a wonderful day of fun and good training, plus hopefully see many of you pass tests and move up the ranks too.

As usual, please try to book your seminar place PLUS any assessments in advance, which saves us lots of admin time on the day.

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