UKKFF Student Writes West-End Production

Toxic Bankers

Toxic Bankers, a play penned by UKKFF member Andy Taylor, opens in London's West End on 7th March 2012.

Breaking news from the West End! UKKFF member Andy Taylor (who trains at our Wimbledon & Hinchley Wood venues) is known to many of you as an English teacher. However he is also an award-winning playwright, and his brand new comedy Toxic Bankers opens next week at the Leicester Square Theatre, London.

Toxic Bankers takes a satirical look at the secretive world of London’s super-rich hedge funds. What are these fund managers really up to? How are they coping with the credit crunch? And did the country’s money really vanish or is it holed up somewhere in cavernous Swiss bank vaults?

Go along and be entertained by this highly topical look at the mess the bankers have got us into. (Oh, and there’s a little love story thrown in too, just for good measure!)

The play opens on Wed 7th March at 7pm. Tickets for the opening two shows are just £10, so get them while you can, as once they’re gone they’re gone. For more details visit or search for ‘Toxic Bankers’ on Facebook to find exclusive behind-the-scenes rehearsal videos & photos.

Good luck Andy from all your colleagues & training partners at the UKKFF.

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