Chi-Sao Workshop

On Saturday 18th February 2012, Sifu Lee Paul Heron taught a 3-hour Kung-Fu Workshop at the New Malden HQ.

Chi-Sao Workshop, Feb 2012

The x12 participants of our small-group Chi-Sao Workshop at the New Malden HQ on 18th Feb 2012.

The focus of this event was the Technical Element of the Federation Wing Tsun System, specifically the Chum-Kiu Chi-Sao programmes. The workshop was limited to 12 places, and these were open to any UKKFF members who were studying the system at the Intermediate Stage of the training programme or above. Thus, anyone who had passed 7SG could book a place, which included Instructors and Journeymen-Level students too.

According to grade, the workshop provided a detailed look at what Chi-Sao is, what this unique training exercise tries to achieve, the correct application of pressure, the correct sequence of movements within each programme, plus links, variations, strategic overlays, and of course how each short sequence provides an instruction manual for effective combat tactics within the Practical Element of the system.

A big thanks to everyone who attended, and keep an eye on the events calendar for more Kung-Fu Workshops in future terms.

3 thoughts on “Chi-Sao Workshop

  1. This event is now fully booked. Attendees are as follows:

    Andy King 2TG
    Jason Potter 12SG
    Mike Hetherington 11SG
    Simon Macdonald 11SG
    Robbie Jackson 9SG
    Tony Sweetman 9SG
    Gethyn Jones 9SG
    Ben Marsh 9SG
    Daniel Westbrook 8SG
    James Bailey 8SG
    Sasha Pats-Nougues 7SG
    Tom Walker 7SG

    Please bring along your UKKFF membership books, a drink, and perhaps a notepad & pen if you’d like to take notes about your respective programmes.

  2. A big thanks to all who attended this Workshop. I was very impressed with the overall standard, and the effort people put into their training. Really, the only way to improve your ability is to put the hours in, and it was a good 3 hours work from everyone.

    I’ve already had several requests to run another one of these, so if you’re interested please let me know, and watch this space.

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