2012 Price Streamlining

For the past 10 years the UKKFF has kept the same pricing structure for General Class tuition. Since 2002 we have charged for training in either of our primary martial arts (Kung-Fu & Escrima), and offered different rates based upon the fees & hassle we incurred for different payment methods:

  • Online payment by credit/debit card was the most expensive, as it incurred high card processing fees. This was £41.60 per-month.
  • Cash/Cheque payment was next, as we had to collect & pay-in the items to our bank. This was £40 per-month.
  • Standing Order payment was the simplest and most hassle-free method for us. This was £35 per-month.

If you wanted to train in BOTH our primary arts, the fees were slightly more:

  • Online payment was £51.70 per-month
  • Cash/Cheque payment was £50 per-month
  • Standing Order payment was £45 per-month

During the past 10 years, we have chosen to absorb ALL inflationary rises in venue hire, fuel & energy, bank charges, and living costs instead of pass them onto our membership each year. This is in line with our non-profit ethos and we have no plans to change our way of thinking.

However being non-profit cannot mean running at a loss, and so for 2012 we are revising and streamlining our pricing structure to make everything (a) simpler, (b) more cost-effective, and (c) rewarding to those who train more often.

So, as you can already see on our General Class Prices page, we have removed ALL the different payment method variations, removed the different fees for one/both primary arts, and consolidated all the higher & lower prices into one simple monthly fee of £45 per-month.

So as of January 2012, this one monthly fee now gives ALL members access to ALL classes, in ALL arts, as many times as they wish each month. This is regardless of how you choose to pay, and regardless of whether you choose to pay per-month, or per-term. It could not be simpler. If you’re attending our general classes, this is what we require you to pay.

If you have any questions please comment below, or contact the HQ as usual.

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