Hello World!

Welcome to the latest version of the UKKFF website! We’ve been building it since June 2011.

This is the 10th version of our website to go live, but the first to use a full Content Management System (CMS) to organise our ever-growing resources. All previous versions were hand-coded using a text editor, and although Versions 8/9 may have looked nicer than this one (to some people), please remember that those versions were at TOP of their development curve, and we were reaching the limit of what we could accomplish just using simple HTML4 and CSS2.

So whilst this version may look more basic initially, you’ll soon see that a proper CMS has far greater potential for interaction with our membership, and for tailoring information to the needs of the individual. Watch this version of the site develop, and enjoy seeing your organisation move with the times.

Enjoy, and happy training!

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