2017 - Relaunch Of The UKKFF

Sifu Lee Paul Heron formed the UKKFF in 2005, and from then until 2015 he led an organisation that taught, trained and promoted Kung-Fu, Escrima, and Fitness across Surrey & South-West London – and it was wonderful! Huge thanks to everyone who was part of things for those ten great years.

In 2016, having achieved everything he wanted in running a large organisation, he split up the UKKFF and concentrated on teaching small groups of passionate Kung-Fu and Escrima students – and still does so to this day.

The United Kingdom Kung-Fu Federation is undergoing a major change for 2017.

In 2017 the UKKFF is being relaunched as a not-for-profit, promotional portal for ALL styles of Kung-Fu across the United Kingdom. Non-political, non-biased, and open to all.

So, if YOU are a teacher of Kung-Fu based in the UK, please SEND US AN EMAIL! We look forward to talking to you soon, and hopefully helping your art, and your classes reach a wider audience.

Please email us at admin@ukkff.org