2016 - New Year - New UKKFF!

The United Kingdom Kung-Fu Federation is undergoing a major change for 2016.

Between 2005-2015 we have been teaching, training and promoting Kung-Fu, Escrima, Health and Fitness across Surrey & South-West London, and it’s been wonderful. Thanks to everyone who has been part of things for the past decade!

So we are proud to announce that in 2016 we will be expanding our activities across the entire country, creating a not-for-profit promotional portal for ALL styles of Kung-Fu in the United Kingdom.

If YOU are a teacher of Kung-Fu based in the UK, we look forward to talking to you soon, and helping your classes grow.

For all current students in Surrey & South-West London, please visit our two brand-new dedicated websites for Kung-Fu and Escrima:


For classes, training and tuition in Wing Chun Kung-Fu, please visit federationwingtsun.org


For classes, training and tuition in Escrima, please visit escrimasurrey.org

Questions? Please email us at admin@ukkff.org or call +44(0)20 8942 6565